Synergy Sports & Corrective Massage

The Benefits of Effective Treatment Can Be Life Changing

At Synergy Corrective & Sports Massage, we believe effective corrective treatment can change lives. We combine a holistic approach with decades of experience to aid the body in self-reparation and healing. Using a fusion of bodywork techniques, our staff focuses on well-established and historically tested approaches.

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Our body has the unique ability to self-repair, but at times, because of trauma, over exertion or chronic pain, we need support and expertise to assist with the healing process.  My staff and I are able to provide a platform for your wellness and promote your healing.

—Andrew Abramson, Owner

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Dedicated Professionals

Our dedicated team, led by owner Andrew Abramson, looks forward to working with you to achieve your physical and conditioning goals.

Corrective Treatment

Designed to alleviate acute and chronic issues, address scar tissue restrictions, and detox your body. Frequently helpful for individuals who no longer want to live with restriction or pain.


Restorative Massage

Designed to increase circulation and blood-flow, decrease tension and increase relaxation. Frequently helpful for people who are on-the-go and/or who rarely care for themselves.


Sports Performance

Designed to improve performance, minimize healing time, and reduce the potential for injury. Frequently helpful for professional, collegiate, high school, middle school and recreational athletes.


Cranial-Sacral and Myofascial Release

Frequently helpful for adults suffering from acute and chronic conditions, such as headaches and TMJ; and for infants and children with digestive, sinus or colic symptoms.


What Our Patients Say



[My shoulder] was completely frozen. The only way I could get any kind of relief from the pain was to start with Synergy.


All the staff is top notch. [Carol's] sessions have kept me in the game and keep me pushing through very hard workouts.


Andrew really has just such an amazing feel for your body--what's going on in your body, how it works together.


I just want to thank Andrew for being kind, caring and extremely helpful, and I'll be forever grateful to him.

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Now Supporting Harriton High School Baseball/Lacrosse and Dr. Harriton competition. We're proud to be featured in the latest Harrington High School Baseball/Lacrosse Media Guide! Click the image to zoom in.

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